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arm chair chippendale a flawless miniature - 7W X 6D X 10.25H
In Stock- 3801899
artifact, chicken on stand - 13W X 3D X 11.5H
In Stock- 3784560
artifact, disk - 15.5W X 5D X 22H
In Stock- 3784553
artifact, hanging horse on stand - 16W X 5D X 23H
In Stock- 3784558
artifact, horse head on stand - 14W X 4D X 14H
In Stock- 3784551
artifact, mask on stand - 5W X 2D X 9.5H
In Stock- 3784561
artifact, necklace bali container - 10.5W X 4D X 25.25H
In Stock- 3784566
artifact, sitting buddha - 7W X 5D X 10H
In Stock- 3784549
artifact, stone bust - 7W X 9D X 13H
In Stock- 3785779
artifact, timor panel on stand - 8W X 4D X 25.25H
In Stock- 3784565
artifact, vest on stand - 17.5W X 5D X 30H
In Stock- 3784567
baluster vase - 11W17H
In Stock- 3803168
bar tool set
In Stock- 3783219
basket bin george iii metal - 11W X 10.5D X 15.75H
In Stock- 3802274
bobbin cone shaped antique - 2.5W7H
In Stock- 3806183
bobbin, english antique - 2W5.5H
In Stock- 3801321
book american modern by thomas obrien - 1W X 9.75D X 11.5H
In Stock- 3807306
book an affair w/ a house arth: bunny williams - 1W X 10.75D X 11H
In Stock- 3808257
book ends elephant (pair) - 4.25W X 17D X 8.5H
In Stock- 3802229
book ends gauge hammered iron pair - 6W X 12D X 6H
In Stock- 3809017
book ends standing lether left - 11D X 12H
In Stock- 3806401
book ends, pair verd elephant - 9W X 7D X 8H
In Stock- 3806188
book mediterranean house arth: lauren bricker - 1W X 10D X 12H
In Stock- 3805487
book new classic american arth: dan cooper - 1W X 10D X 11H
In Stock- 3803072
bowl ceramic blue/white - 12W X 12D X 6H
In Stock- 3783202
bowl marquetry bone - 5.5W X 5.5D X 7H
In Stock- 3801200
bowl porcelain blue and white - 10.6W7.7H
In Stock- 3803112
bowl small glass scavo small vase
In Stock- 3809690
bowl, black orchid (lg) - 14.5W X 13D X 5.5H
In Stock- 3780429
bowl, blk handld compote - 8.5W X 9.5D X 6H
In Stock- 3803479
bowl, butterfly ginkgo - 15W X 13.25D X 3H
In Stock- 3780461
bowl, classic white - 12W X 12D X 5.5H
In Stock- 3784076
bowl, large reindeer - 12W X 6D X 8H
In Stock- 3784165
bowl, small reindeer - 9W X 5D X 4.75H
In Stock- 3784166
bowl, snail - 5.25D X 2.5H
In Stock- 3780435
bowl, sylvan - 9W X 9D X 7.25H
In Stock- 3784420
bowl, white orchid (med) - 12W X 9.25D X 4H
In Stock- 3780431
bowl/vase , iron eye - 17W X 17D X 12.5H
In Stock- 3782530
box , leather aarhus-oasis green - 12W X 10.5D X 4.5H
In Stock- 3805025
box aarhus-cherry bomb - 12W X 12D X 4.5H
In Stock- 3803247
box antique faded - 7.5W X 10.75D X 5.5H
In Stock- 3806338
box apple the ingenious georgian - 4.75W X 4.75D X 5.5H
In Stock- 3776293
box book - 2.75W X 7D X 10.5H
In Stock- 3801503
box books - 2.75W X 7D X 10.5H
In Stock- 3808368
box covered, grimalda - 10D X 11H
In Stock- 3808580
box crested caddy - 8W X 8D X 8.75H
In Stock- 3809699
box jewelry - oasis - 10W X 10.5D X 4.5H
In Stock- 3806167
box jewels - as is - 10.5W X 10.5D X 9H
In Stock- 3808943
box luxe gold leaf - 11W X 8D X 4H
In Stock- 3807795
box mahogany - 9.75W X 13D X 7H
In Stock- 3804030
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